About the Artist

Chris Huang - Bio Pic


Inner realities are discovered through introspection.  The seeds of new concepts can take root and grow there.  As an artist, I attempt to cultivate the subconscious realm and reveal them for the public.  Ultimately, I think art should strive to enlighten- to bring one closer to a truth,  to the heart of one’s nature.  It can and should reach beyond the mass appeal of popular culture’s trends while defying manufactured hype and constant self-indulgence.  I believe art can truly expand consciousness if it’s intention is to reflect ideas greater than oneself. The images of mandalas and the supernatural are ancient ideas that have interested cultures for ages.  They are the direct influence of the richness and beauty that is our individual lives, our earth, and the stars beyond.  I can think of no better well that an artist can draw continuously flowing inspiration from than our own collective existence and our potential as conscious beings.  I honor the way of nature in my art, to express life while living; an infinite surrender to the methods of the Great Mystery.


Chris Huang creates much of his artwork with colored pencil and ink on wood. The work reflects our connection with the natural world and is often represented through mandala, plant, animal, and human imagery. Though the art is meticulously hand-crafted, it is truly a labor of love and an opportunity for the artist to express and connect with higher, cosmic ideals and concepts. He has shown in galleries throughout the southwest states as well as in California. He currently resides in Boulder, CO with his wife and children.