Thank you to all who came out for my art opening at Mercury Framing! If you missed it, the exhibit will run through September 30th. Stop by in person to Mercury Framing at 4692 Broadway in North Boulder.



Lucky’s Cafe Art Show

Lucky's Cafe Art Show - Chris Huang

Hello to all!  I just hung a little show up on the walls of good old Lucky’s Cafe.  Please come have breakfast and a look any day between now and June.  3980 Broadway in Boulder.

Kitchen Backsplash

Here are some photos from a recently finished kitchen backsplash project I had the pleasure of doing. This custom job was made just like all the other ones with colored pencil and ink on wood. For this particular one, we used poplar wood- several protective coats later and with the help of my friend Chris Kirby for the cuts and install, it is now finished and in use at a private residence at the Nomad Co-Housing community in North Boulder. I’ll be collaborating more with Chris as we have some beautiful coffee tables and night stands in the works. I’m looking forward to getting these finished and sharing them with you soon!

Art on Bows

These are from a recent and ongoing collaboration with bows made by my friend Victor.  This hackberry wood bow is elegantly hand made from traditional methods and materials.  It really is so beautifully made, and it is a joy and honor to be drawing on it with ink. Every step in his process is carefully considered from the gathering of the materials to making glue and to the actual construction of the bow.  I’m giving this back to him for the finish, when complete it will be a fully functioning hunting bow.  He tells me he has plans to display these works in a creative way in a multi-media show when we finish up a few more.  You can more fully appreciate these beauties in person so stay tuned for this one.  I’ll make the announcement here and also set up a link to Victor’s website when it is up and running.  Next bow will be a wood-burned design, can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Happy New Year, and Happy New Website!

Thank you all who have made this past year such an exciting and fruitful one for me.  Your support has been felt and so appreciated in its many forms from near and afar. Murals, festivals, art openings, and wonderful new collaborations were had and lots more new and exciting projects to come in the near future.  I’ll post updates on art happenings from my world here and share photos too.  Check back often and hope to see you soon!